The MolecuLight i:X Wound Intelligence Device allows clinicians to quickly, safely and easily visualize bacteria and measure wounds at the point of care so they have maximum insights for accurate treatment and accelerated healing. The device provides instant detection of potentially harmful bacteria. The technology is based on the detection and analysis of intrinsic fluorescence signals emitted by tissues and microbes when illuminated with specific wavelengths of light.

MolecuLight i:X easily integrates into wound care clinics and hospital acute care environments.

Watch MolecuLight i:X In Action

MolecuLight i:X Key Features

  • Instant Visualization of Bacteria
  • Image Guided Sampling
  • No Patient Contact
  • No Contrast Agents
  • Intuitive, Simple to Use
  • Images/Videos Easily Appended to Patient's File
Clinical Evidence

Wound Closure Acceleration with Fluorescence Guidance

Background: Traditionally, chronic wound infection is diagnosed and treated based on visual inspection under white light (WL) and microbiological sampling. These methods are suboptimal because they are subjective and do not accurately represent the overall bacterial load in the wound. To address this, we have developed a novel handheld fluorescence imaging device that enables non-contact, […]

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